My Kitchen is the heart of my company

This is where all my magical creativity happens!! My own kitchen is where all of my soaps are created. I cut the soap base that I need, put it into a pan, and put that pan over a pot of boiling water to melt. I watch the temperature carefully. Once it is melted, I fat it with coconut oil and add my remaining ingredients, such as oil, herbs, colors, etc., stirring them in slowly. Before I pour the molds, I lightly grease my molds with coconut oil and set aside. My final step is adding color if I need to. Then I pour your soap into my molds and allow it to set. The last step is to place it into the freezer to finish processing of letting it set up completely.

In order for me to make ensure your product is of the finest quality, I make certain that all of my ingredients are fresh. At this point in time, I am using a goat's milk soap base. I grind my own oatmeal to use in the soaps that require it. Any herbs that are used are bought fresh, locally grown and harvested. Each herb is specifically dried and powdered by me. I use only the finest quality Dutch cocoa in all of my chocolate line soaps. The oils I use are essential and fragrance. Some natural pure scents from the ingredients can also provide a scent all of their own. When coloring my soaps, I use to use vegetable dye when needed to ensure a more hypoallergenic product for my customers.

It is my firm belief that all of the energy around us affects us. I strive to keep a calm, centered and focused environment while I am creating my soaps. Malachite Meadows is more than a company, it is my reputation.

I am truly honored to be able to provide not only quality soaps but an amazing soap experience for you as well.