My name is Janyce Godwin & I am the owner of Malachite Meadows.

Since most people know my soaps, they have dubbed me "The Woman Behind The Bubbles".

I take that as a complement, as soaps were the very first product I began producing for my company 10 years ago. I found a great passion when making soaps, and became a mad scientist experimenting around to find new scents that people would enjoy. The best part of the soap making to me was always the scent. This gave way to some magnificent creations. In the beginning, it was alluring people. Let's face it, scents can be pretty seductive. For a woman like me, 'Chocolate' scents were the allure and thus I began my own personal line of Chocolate soaps. I experimented around with a good deal of soaps but, I must say this was the one that got me on the map.

After having Malachite Meadows for two years, I became pregnant with my son and had to take a break from soapmaking ( as well as creating all of the other Bath and Body products I did. Why?  Because  there are  a lot of oils that are not good for you to in hail or even use when you are pregnant. I had to be very  careful.

After my son Payden was born, I was obsessed with enjoying my mommy time. Little ones grow up so fast. As a mother of two adult son's from my first marriage, I had learned  that  I needed to slow down and enjoy it all. At first I really did not believe this break would last too long, perhaps  past the tot age I thought. My husband  and I decided to Virtual school ( which is very similar to Home Schooling ) this took up more time. Payden is  My husbands's only child & my youngest, so this time was beyond precious to me.

Here we are now 2015 already and my son will soon finish First grade. He is so helpful and creative, but also he is independent and does things on his own. I began to have more free time. So I began to dabble into my creations again. Pretty soon I received a question online of "Do you still make soaps?" I was thrilled! I had been remembered :) it feels so good when you have taken a break from something and people still remember you, and your creations. I began right then and there to make soaps. I gave them to my doctor's, my Lymphatic Massage therapist's, my friend and family. Soon my name was back out there, and I was selling again.

My husband Christopher is so supportive, and with his help, and the help of our dear kindred friend Todd, I have  a very wonderful site.

I am a Mother and  Wife, and  the owner of two very precious Cat's Namaste` and Shadow as well. Also,  I own two businesses  -One being Malachite Meadows  and the other  Tourmaline Talisman. The other site deals with my other gifts. It is a place where I give spiritual advice.

I love the outdoors and traveling. My family enjoys taking long and short road trips, going to places we have never gone before, and experiencing new things together.

I am an avid collector of  things in nature, rocks, moss, feathers ( that have been dropped )  seashells, pieces of driftwood, special sticks or twigs I find in the woods etc...

I  love to read, crochet, go for long walks by water ( creeks rivers lakes or oceans) and up in the mountains. when the weather is nice I like to go biking now and then.

Wishing you always the best.

Blessings of Love & Light.


This is my  Family. My Husband , My Three Sons, My Daughter in law, Grandson & Our Two Cats