FRESH Scents

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Plants possess a variety of scents with which to bless us. I work with familiar scents and have also developed many new scents that are exclusively Malachite Meadows.

Whether you are looking for a well-known scent or you are wanting to try something more unique, within my company you will find both.

I  strive to always bring you the freshest scents that will provide you  with the best soap experience possible! Creating Soaps has been a passion of mine for over ten years.

It is a privilege to be able to pass this passion on to you. 


Each batch of soap is crafted only after I have received your order. This is done to ensure you receive superior quality and a scent at it's peak freshness.

When you have superior quality, you can actually smell and feel the difference.


All of my soaps have been made to help you create your own spa like experience.

Some soaps will leave you relaxed and calm. Other soaps will rejuvenate and invigorate you.

My luxurious and aromatic soaps will never leave a sticky residue upon you. Your skin will be left feeling soft, supple and fresh.



It is my firm belief that the energy that surrounds us has a significant influence on what we are creating. With this in mind, I make certain that I am in a peaceful mood when I make my products.

Making soaps has been a passion of mine for over ten years, and I infuse this passion into the soaps I craft.

It is my wish that the passion I use to create my soaps is felt by my customers.